First Aid and Sitters4U

Its that time again, since May 2008 Sitters4U has hosted regular First Aid courses for staff and Parents, its quite an experience! Always a serious workshop, we manage to bring light to these courses and besides the incredible life saving knowledge and skills you gain from doing a workshop like this one, you also make new friends and a good time. We have taken this to a new level with these courses by throwing in a talk on positive discipline, ( Positive Discipline Guide). As a devoted mom myself, I have discovered that discipline should be seen as a positive thing, not a negative.

So this Saturday,…

Its time for Sitters4U’s 3rd by- monthly ‘ Pediatric First Aid workshop!’

Sitters4U invites you to join us on the 15th of November 2008 for a day of learning about child safety and interacting with others involved in child care. Whether you are a parent wanting to boost your knowledge, or an au pair, nanny, housekeeper, childminder, or even if you have already completed the Pediatric First Aid Course but would like to refresh your certificate, this is a workshop everyone should attend! Life threatening situations are always easier to handle, and more likely, not be fatal, if you know what to do.

The following subjects and more are covered in the course, and definately make you feel more comfortable dealing with an emergency!
* Why do I need to know about First Aid?
* How real is ‘Rescue 911’?
* Why does my child need oxygen?
* How can I get rid of bystanders?
* Who do I phone in case of an emergency?
* Fainting and unconsciousness
* Choking, drowning, breathing arrest
* Circulatory problems, heart arrest
* Artificial ventilations and C.P.R.
* Fever Convulsions
* Burns
* Poisoning
* Fractures
* Wounds & Bleeding, incl. facial wounds.
* Breakfast, snack and an informal lunch.
* Give aways and discounts from MEC, Sitters4U and4AKID safety products.


1 thought on “First Aid and Sitters4U”

  1. Taking this course to a new level we had such a good time! Its always good to meet new people and see old faces.

    Although we had a bit of a rushed start we got going quickly enough, Verne who always gives our courses, again did such a stunning job! Thank you so much!

    By the end everyone was a bit tired and a admit I felt a bit rushed speaking about positive discipline ( or as I like to call it life training) to everyone so we have decided to make this a seperate affair which we will be hosting 2 hour workshops on this subject. We will be hosting the first of these workshops in the near future.

    Keep an eye on the event section of our website for more details!

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