About Sitters4U

About Sitters4U:

Sitters4U specializes in the long and short term placement of local professional au pairs, babysitters, house sitters, tutors and drivers.

We began as a small agency catering to a small number of clients looking for the quality service that was lacking in the babysitting and au pair placement industries. Originally aimed at providing only the best babysitters and au pairs, our easy to use service has seen us grow exponentially in the last 5 years, holding a loyal client base.  Sitters4U has grown to incorporate house sitters, domestics and most recently, frail care services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

We aim to place qualified, educated local staff in local positions.


About the Owner:

Sitters4U was established  by Bianca Wagener. A mom herself, what started it all was the fact that she could never find a reliable babysitter. The agencies she contacted weren’t very helpful, she would given not more than a number and she felt that calling a complete stranger to babysit for her daughter, without being sent any information about the person was a major issue. The fees  and structuring for both parents and babysitters were horrendous and she knew there had to be a better way.  It was at this point she decided that if she was having this problem, so were other moms, and having worked in the child care industry herself, together with her sales, law, event management, administration and other bits and of bobs of experience and studies behind her, she decided that she could make a difference. As it turns out she was right, it was a massive gap in the market and Sitters4U is going all the way to ensure that gap gets filled!

Proudly, we can now say that setting the standard has become Sitters4U’s forte with many agencies upgrading their requirements and service levels to attempt matching our minimum requirements and service  provision.


3 thoughts on “About Sitters4U”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. This is soooo true. Thank you for taking the initiative and running with an already succesfull establishment, which is trusted and offering a professional service.
    I know the frustration so well. Im actually in need of a creche for my 2 x boys (2 & 3 yrs old). I work in Campsbay, so anything in the area or surrounding areas.
    Also, affordable & reliable & really taking extra care and attention and love kids.
    please let me know if you know of any u could recommend.
    will appreciate so much.
    many thanks

  3. Hi Rene

    Thank you for the comment and the query.

    Its certainly difficult to find good help these days! I am not too sure who you could approach. Checking out the schools in the surrounding areas for day moms, as then you will more personalised attention for your child maybe a good place to start .. I don’t personally know of any good day moms in the area, however you can be sure that there must be a few. Check your local papers, ask other moms in the area what they are doing and then go and check it out for yourself, meet the people your child will be with, check their references thoroughly and ensure they are qualified and trained (all child carers should at a minimum have first aid, even those on a domestic level working in the environment that your child will be in every day ).

    Best of luck, please let me know if you do find someone. I would be very interested to hear more. Thank you.

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