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Sitters4U has just launched its updated website. The first thing you will notice is that Sitters4U no longer includes the frailcare section which is now available at www.frailcare 4u.co.za.

There are 3 places in which you can operate the sitters4u website, either using the quicklink section on the top right hand side of the page, or breadcrumb section under the main photo of each page or from the navigation bar at the top of the site.

In the first section ‘Au pairs’ you’ll find everything you need to know about using our service, including our new salary calculator. Using the calculator simply enter the number of hours you require per week, the minimum rate and maximum rate, you can use the guidelines provided to establish what hourly rate you should be offering, once  you have entered this information this calculator establishes the salary you should be offering an au pair.

The au pair section also  features a number of useful articles for parents to review, including interview guidelines, maintaining a  good relationship with your au pair and everything you may need or want to know about the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Next up on our service list is our babysitting club service. This service caters to long term babysitting clients  looking for a reliable babysittiing service for occasional evening and weekend babysitting services. Most of our babysitters are teachers or au pairs by day and quality of staff and service, our number one priority. You can sign up for the club by clicking here.

Once signed up and registered, you can easily login at the top right hand corner of the site and make your bookings online.  Select your chosen candidate , or leave it blank and complete the booking date and time. Its that simple. We then ensure that even if your regular sitter is not available, you have a number of babysitting options to choose from.

Our other services include frailcare services through the Frailcare4u website, housesitting, driver placements and the placement of tutors, facilitators, homeschool teachers, and trainers.
Moving on to our Apply section, you will notice the  new news section displayed through out most pages of the website and throughout the entirety of the apply section. This feed makes it simple for candidates to see and receive new notifications about what new positions are available, i.e. Get an instant message via email everytime we have a new position available. You can subscribe to this feed by clicking the RSS button or  filling in your email address for email notices on the website in the space provided below the feed. You can then respond immediately to positions as they become available. Please note only candidates that have been interviewed and approved for listing may respond to available positions.

We’d love to know how many  of our candidates are using smart phones, or receive their email via their cellphones. Take the poll:

In our articles section you will find articles of interest such as , our positive discipline guide and information about the duties of au pairs and child carers. We also feature ‘How to’ guides for applying for listing with us, and a new section for updating your references and contact details for our already listed staff.

Au pairs, night nurses, babysitters, infant care specialists and drivers must all complete this form to apply. Tutors, home school teachers, facilitators and trainers can use this form, while house and pet sitters make use of this one.

Our application forms are all online making applications a simple 2 step process in order to be considered for positions. Complete the form and send your documentation as specified in the guide provided in order to be considered for interview.

We are looking for candidates for au pairing, babysitting, night nursing, infant care specialists, tutors, drivers, home school teachers and instructors. Listing and applying with Sitters4U is 100% free. Click here to recommend your friends to join our team. Please do remember that we require candidates to have professional experience with references, their own vehicle, a minimum of matric ( preferably higher) and a willingness to do a first aid course if not yet completed.

Over here you can find recommended childcare course providers.We highly recommend checking out the national first aid academy’s website if you are looking for a SETA approved coure provider at an excellent price.

For any other queries or questions, contact us by using the form on our contact page, or using one of the various methods provided on the contact page.

Sitters4U, putting you first, always.