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Recently after a lovely dinner, we returned home and got into a conversation with our babysitter, one of our candidates, that completely and utterly made my stomach churn.

Besides working as an au pair and babysitter for Sitters4U, our babysitter on this particular evening is a volunteer with Justice ACTS, an organisation that assists victims of human trafficking, right here in our beautiful country. One always imagines, this kind of thing to be a myth, something that happens somewhere else, certainly not in your own city.The truth is unfortunately daunting, scary and as their campaign states ‘ The truth isn’t sexy’. Here are some scary facts for you:

  • Human Trafficking is a large issue in South Africa.
  • Has just surpassed weapons trafficking as the second most lucrative crime in the world.
  • It’s organised. It’s a business. It’s the selling of human beings.
  • It’s supply verses DEMAND.
  • There are not enough women and girls in the world who will willingly prostitute themselves.
  • 80% of Human Trafficking in South Africa is into the sex trade.

Now if that didn’t get your attention this will; our babysitter shared with us a story of a man, who had a family, lived in the suburbs and to anyone looking in, would have seemed like any other ordinary person. Behind the vail of normality, he was a drug lord who then delved into prostitution and this then evolved to trafficking, trafficking of humans, children, to be more precise. A little down the line apparently, he could not take it any more and he spilled the beans.Claiming that who knows who, was wanting over 100 000 trafficked  human beings to be available over the world cup period. She didn’t know this persons name nor any further details, apparently his life is in danger for sharing the truth.

Just to give you an idea of what the picture is like, girls and boys aged from 7 or 8 years old upwards who are kidnapped or whose parents give their children up believing that they will be taken care of, educated etc, are instead raped and drugged until they are considered ‘trained’ for prostitution, while younger children are used in porn movies. It made me sick on the spot to hear of such enormous cruelty and violation towards any human being, let alone innocent children.

In any event, my partner and I sat there horrified out of our minds and the very next day resolved to assist in whatever way we could. We found out that , believe it or not, there is not a single safe house for the victims of human trafficking in the entirety of South Africa. Justice ACTS is an organisation trying to raise funds towards the purchase of property, caring for these children and adolescents and doing their utmost to get them off the streets and out of these monsters hands to safety. We also took a look at their current website and awareness campaign’s. They needed help and we were the perfect people to assist in this department.

My partner owns a web design business www.artificialstudio.com and together we decided to sponsor a new website for them and assist their campaign to raise awareness. Currently until their new website is launched later this week, Artificial Studio have put up a mini page just giving you an idea on how bad the situation really is. Check out http://www.thetruthisntsexy.co.za/ . Other websites you can view in the interim include http://www.notforsalecampaignsa.org/ and  http://abstain.africanrenewal.org/ . If you want to do something to assist, get in contact with them, make a donation, send a link to this article or these websites to your friends, or volunteer like Greer and many others are doing, walking the streets in groups at night and approaching girls to check if they are perhaps victims in need of assistance and getting them out of brothels etc, perhaps send this letter to your child’s school ( click the link to download) ( Justice ACTS letter to schools). Check back to www.justiceacts.org over the next few days as this is going to be the new website for the organisation and will have more information on how you can help. With more people in slavery today than when slavery was legal, shouldn’t you do something to raise awareness and help fight this evil?