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Its term 2 and time to join SynEdgy Conscious Educator’s Group for their 2nd Free Workshop this year ( check out the details of the first one here, if you missed out). Join Robin and Debbie on the 4th and 6th of May 2010 from 15h00 to 16h30 at Fish Hoek Library in Cape Town.   I would like to encourage all school teachers, assistant teachers and au pairs to attend this particular workshop.  This time around attendees will learn the skills required to assist children to resolve conflict with others. Knowing how to resolve a conflict peacefully and without assistance is a skill that we all require and for children in particular this skill will allow them to develop stronger relationships with friends, family, teachers, au pairs and others alike.

Teaching a child to resolve a conflict will assist you, while at the same time empowering  him or her to understand that they do not need to always rely on adults to resolve their conflicts for them. Personally through my involvement as a child carer and as a parent myself, I have seen children  feel absolutely helpless when they are unable to control their emotions in a conflict situation.

So be there, learn and share. Let  Robin Booth, Founder and Principal of SynEdgy School, together with Debbie Ntshangase, qualified life coach and current pre-school teacher at Synergy School, lead you through this workshop to gain new insights and learn new skills to becoming the most effective educator you can be. As Synergy puts it, and I will have to agree,

Each and every person who interacts with a child has the opportunity to make a difference to that child, whether you intend to or not, whether you are skilled at it, or not.

We will be there, will you? To book your place or find out more click here for the details.

SynEdgy provides a number of other fantastic courses you can participate in:

  1. The nurturing of Self Esteem
    • engaging cooperation
    • alternatives to punishment
    • encouraging autonomy
    • how to ‘praise’ effectively
    • how to acknowledge a child’s feelings
  2. Siblings without Rivalry
  3. Setting Boundaries
  4. Alternatives to saying “No!”
  5. Saying ‘sorry’ is not enough
  6. Being understood: the key to all relationships

To find out more and visit the SynEdgy website click here.