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Up until just recently Sitters4U was sending out a monthly newsletter, ‘The Mom’s Gig Guide’ . This newsletter featured events that would be of interest to both parents, children and staff. However after much debate, revision and review of our newsletter we tested a few different formats to determine what information the receivers of our newsletters prefer. After watching the statistics, we decided it was about time for a revamp! Sitters4U is about placing top quality au pairs, babysitters, drivers and more, while adding value to the service our clients receive from us.

Thus far we have achieved this through adding free services such as comprehensive guidelines on interviews processes for both clients and au pair  staff, articles of interestThe Mom’s Gig Guide, the Mom’s Link Directory and a number of other services. The core function of Sitters4U though, is and always will be our placement services. We have found that while it is regrettably impossible to please all of our clients, all of the time we are in fact pleased about this. We prefer quality over quantity, it has always been the a golden rule I have held close to my heart through any endeavour I have undertook. If you are going to do something, do it properly or not at all. We cannot have a large number of perfect choices for any client, in any place, at any required time, if we did, we would need to accept 100% of the applying applicants  and 90% of the candidates we would be promoting would not best possible au pairs or staff we could find. Considering the fact that only about 10% of applicants ever make it through the initial applications, interviews, reference and background checks, to join the Sitters4U team, and we are proud of each and every one of those that do make it all the way.

In our new newsletter we will still feature a calendar where you can link to the The Mom’s Gig Guide to keep up to date with what activities are happening in your city. However we will be focusing mainly on our newly listed au pairs, tutors, house sitters and drivers, who they are, what they have achieved thus far, details on their experience and what they are looking for in a family, their current times of availability, areas of availability, and salary requirements. We feel that this is a great way for clients to also become a little more informed as to new staff that may be of interest to them and be the first to request interviews with them.

We hope that our clients and candidates alike, will join us in welcoming our new staff to the Sitters4U team! We will be sending out the first newsletter on 28th of April 2010.