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Today I received the below email from one of our candidates, Lucinda ( Laeeqah), listed with us for a few years now and also running infant training workshops for domestics, we are certainly honoured to have her working with our clientèle.

If you stay in Cape Town and have unused or old toys lying around one of these 3 ladies will come and collect them at your home if you like, to donate to The Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children in Cape Town. They are also now asking for toiletries as well, just basic essentials we do not even think about, but which, these children do not even have regular access. Please donate to this cause. Contact details are at the bottom of this article. Your donation will not go unappreciated or unused and there will be a child whose world lights up due to your kindness.


Gift of Giving

Hi there.

It is that time of the year again. Janine, Sara and myself have decided, for the 3rd consecutive year, to collect toys and books for the destitute children. The previous 2 years has been such a success because of your contributions.

In the past I have wrapped and delivered Bags of new and 2nd hand toys and books. I label each xmas present, stating which age group and gender the toy is appropriate for .

The Children centre is extremely grateful for all the gifts they receive. They fully rely on donations from the public to keep up the wonderful work that they are doing. Our aim is to bring a little joy to the destitute children at xmas time.

Toys include:

Dolls                                                           Trucks, cars

Story books                                                 Educational books

Any toys your children have outgrown.          Puzzles

I also collect the unused toys and clothes and deliver them to the orphange throughout the year. A Big Thank You to those who donate their unused goods to the poor regularly.

This year we have decided to add toiletries to our mission as the orphanges is in dire need of these. If each one will contribute just one or two things it will be very much appreciated. Every time you go shopping just add a bar of soap or toothpaste to your shopping and by the end of november, with all your contributions, we will be able to give them a box of toiletries which could last them a few months.

Toiletries include:

Toothpaste (kids or adult)                            Toothbrush (kids or Adult)

Underarm                                                     Deodrant

Aqueous Cream                                            Soap

Face cloths                                                  Nappies (Towelling or Disposables)

This year we will be delivering the xmas presents and toiletries to Saartjie Bartman Centre for Women and Children. They have also mentioned that during the holiday season, it is a very bad time of year for them, as many kids get admitted into their care, who have been abused. Therefore it is important to bring a little cheer in their hearts with a little xmas gift.

Saartjie Baartman,Klipfontien Road, Athlone.      Tel:  021 6335287

Thank you once again.

Laeeqah, Janine and Sara


021 6717680