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I seem to have induced an insatiable need to write tonight and perhaps a little self induced insomnia? You have probably noticed, I have been a little quiet lately.

This tends to happen in Winter for just about every year, as far back as I can remember. We are just so busy, even though its  been quiet season there have been a thousand things going on and every little job we do,  requires the same top treatment and energy from me and the team to be placed, whether its simply a babysitting booking or an au pair placement, from an hours work to 30 or more per job, what to do? What to do! I am always amazed what sitting behind a computer screen does to me when its cold and raining! I just cant, and don’t want to move. I  tend to get lethargic about exercising  ( when you work behind a PC screen all day this can happen to easily) and my diet goes on a binge for all things scrumptious.  From red wine and pasta dishes to really anything that’s loaded with carbs.

Now that  Spring is finally in the air though, and I am waking up early again without needing 3 alarms and a cup of coffee. To top it off, today we also started our annual detox. That means; no wheat, no red meat, no refined sugars, no alcohol and worst of all no dairy ( okay, I always end up cheating a little when it comes to dairy, but at least I try) for the next 10 to 14 days. I know it will be worth it though  ( hopefully so will the sudden need to clean everything until it shines).


I have been preparing for this annual migration to my favourite ‘food time’ of the year, spring+ summer= fresh fruit and veg= alot more energy. It may sound weird but about a month ago I started my Multibionta onslaught of multivitamins in preparation for today ( I found their 30 day challenge really useful with the free daily sms reminder, take the challenge on www.30daychallenge.co.za).  Finally my daughter and I went shopping with a list as long as my arm. We had so much fun browsing for anything fresh from strawberries to baby carrots and making up recipes  for the week as we shopped. For tonight I put together a fantastic rye pasta dish with mushrooms, chicken , spinach, tonnes of fresh herbs and ( oh dear I have been naughty already) a dash of cream.

It was surprisingly lovely and we all enjoyed it. Even my hubby did and he doesn’t take well to rye or fresh anything. Usually he gets through detox on roasted nuts, bananas,white meat and as few greens as possible.

I wonder how many other people out there also go through a similar phase at this time of the year?If you happen to know of any good recipes that I should try to make our detox time a little more exciting ,please let me know. I love cooking and would love to hear your favourites dishes ( links welcome).

Anyway seeing as it is back to school tomorrow, I guess its time for a good night’s rest, honestly if I don’t get to sleep soon I might need a midnight snack, and if I have a snack now, its another 30 mins on the treadmill tomorrow.

Hope you all have a fantastic week that puts spring back into your step!