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With Holidays just finished and the next ones around the corner, I have to tell you about a little known secret website full of fantastic colouring in, math, language and other projects and worksheets that you can download for free.

colouring in

Over the last few days, my daughter has occassionally been sitting in my office with me, some of you may have even been privy to her superb telephone manner ( I may, be being, a little generous here)  as she answered the phone ignoring my pleas not to do so. However when she was there, in order to feel like part of the office ( my office is work from home) I kept her busy with tonnes of worksheets from this website:


I really like the way they have separated the subject matter into what is appropriate for which age group and grade! It really does make searching easier. It even has a bit of a lesson planning tool! Check it out! If you find any similar sites please let us know so we can share with all our other readers! Have fun.