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You know today I was very happy to receive a letter of gratitude from one of our newest annual babysitting club members; it reminded me of why Sitters4U started and what keeps me going. As a mom in this new age of fast paced life styles, and thrive to survive attitude, as woman we are expected to achieve and be incredible, always, not just right now or today but every day and in every way. From the corporate world, to our jobs, with our kids, our family and often we end up loosing sight of ourselves, spending no time on ourselves at all or with our partners and friends. It can often make life  become dull and mundane and a never ending cycle of the expectations of others.

Without the family support of the past I believe that this lack of quality time out occasionally is one of the leading cause of divorce, when you are not communicating, you are loosing touch even though this may be for yourself. Honestly that’s exactly how I felt a few years back, disjointed and not in touch with who I am, yet everything to everyone in my life and it was that feeling that encouraged me to send out my hand, dig deep and find a solution not only for myself but also for other professional moms (and dads) sitting in my shoes, sometimes we just need a break, 3 years later I am proud to be able to provide this service to so many moms and dads who really know what it means to appreciate a little time for one self and having a professional babysitting service available to assist, doesnt hurt!

Thank you for the wonderful compliment Bev! I am glad we could be of service!

Hi there Bianca,

Just to let you know that all went really well with Glynis on Sunday thanks. She was great with Dane and I got along well with her too. Sure we will be making use of her for daytime sitting more often.

Thanks again – I feel like I am starting to get my life back!!

Kind Regards