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I have got to put my hands together for the manager and staff of our latest party planners to be listed in the Western Cape, namely, Fantasy Kids . My daughter has just turned 8 and we have done the fairy, princess and pony parties to death. We needed a change! Basically, the original idea that my daughter had decided on, was rock and roll, however I felt that this may be wiser to do at a slightly older age. So I did what I always do when we are stuck for ideas, I started scouring magazines and the web for more original party ideas. When whose website should I come across? Why, that of Fantasy kids, of course. It took a total of 10 minutes for me to make up my mind on the theme after logging onto their website, which I found user friendly and easy to browse and we ended up going for the ‘Pamper Party’ option. My daughter is also in a new school this year, so to get everyone a little more well aquainted, we invited pretty much the entire class! 20 girls to precise.

Now I dont know if you have ever been left in charge of 20 children before, let alone trying to entertain all of them, if you have, you will know it is rather chaotic if it isnt a classroom environment, but I didn’t need to worry about a thing.At this age parties are more stop and drop, so there were no other parents around for the duration of the party. The Fantasy Kids staff were incredibly Professional, and 3 helpers arrived as if on que. They quickly sorted the girls into teams and set them up in a makeshift salon ( magazines in a circle on the floor and all the girls on pillows) in our lounge. They then took turns to wash their faces and got started with applying make up and having a genuinely amazing time. They proceeded for a short interval and icecream and then it was back to business. Nailart, nail polish and pretend stick on nails suddenly became the order of the day. It was the first time in my life I have experienced such a well coordinated and stress free birthday party.They were great!

Party Time

Party Time

Fantasy Kids have also given us permission to distribute some vouchers to our clients valid until December 2010, so if you would like one just click here to download it. To find out more about Fantasy Kids click here or visit their website by clicking here.