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Its always lovely to get positive feedback and I must say to have your day made two days in row! Wow!

Sms from Pam, placed with her family over 4 months ago, received yesterday:

Hi Bianca,

Just to let you know everything is still going great! I couldn’t have asked for a nicer family, they treat me well. P.S. I gave a lady your number, she is looking for a new au pair position, I told her you are the best agency around at the moment. Many thanks, PAM

and then another email I received this morning from a candidate, which put a big smile on my face:

I’ve been meaning to say this for a while now. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but your agency is fantastic! In the 8 or so months that I’ve been registered with 4 agency’s you are the only one who has been consistent, pro-active (active) in placing and finding work. I have heard once or twice from the others and received no work from them. I have heard from other Au pairs that their experience has been the same.
So, much appreciation and gratitude for your hard work and great service.

With thanks


Then from a client, we recently received the following email with regards to a query she had:

Hi Bianca

You are the best!

Thank you for responding and for being so prompt.

Kind regards

Have a lovely weekend


and from another client, earlier this month:

Hi there

As discussed , please keep on looking and it would be great if I could see people before the end of the week.  Its now super urgent , as Ihave now been home for almost a month and need to get back into work.

Thanks for the professional and efficient service



What a way to make my day! Sitters4U, placing you first! Thats our motto and we stick to it! Thank you for the compliments everyone.