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Change…Are you ready for it? I certainly am, whilst most people spent their Easter weekend away with family, my family went to Saldanha, visiting family and can you believe it, working. Whilst my daughter had lots to do, my partner and I packed in an incredible amount of time into Sitters4U’s new website? Why?  I have been so excited about our new launch and it looks like its finally here!We are about 6 hours work away!

Its got a new look and feel, its going to be extremely easy to navigate, all services are now accessible from the website, so a client need never download forms, fax or email a form, its now all accessible online.

To add to the current forms online, which include au pairs, babysitters and house sitters, New service forms previously only downloadable, include:

On the child care side we have Drivers, Tutors and Nannies;

Home care now includes online requests for Domestics.

and Frail care Services can now be requested online,  include: Nurses, Paramedics, Care givers, Companions, Medical Administration Staff, other medical services, Treat a Senior options and Home Management services which include everything from gardeners and electricians to plumbers and more.

To make it even more incredible we now have online staff applications for each and every service, obviously as a candidate you will still need to come and see us but at least it makes processing your applications alot easier, meaning faster processing of applications as well!

Home Page on our New Website launching within the next few days!

Okay but that’s not all I have up my sleeve! We have also just launched a new child care course in Cape Town for Nannies, domestics and Au pairs. As far as I know it also happens to be the most well priced course at a rate of only R 500 per person ( the next course up starts at R 1500)! Very exciting stuff, covering:

•    Basic Childcare
•    Etiquette in Employers homes
•    Communication between Employer and Employee
•    Communication between Child minder and Children
•    Safety
•    Health and Nutrition
•    Child Development, month to month
•    Age Appropriate activities from newborn to Preschool

and with ongoing support and a monthly newsletter, this course is well worth it!

So watch out for the new website, launching in the next few days! Looking forward to the new challenges, clients and staff we will be assisting.