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If you have been keeping up with my most recent articles ( not to difficult to do really seeing that with the moving, update preparation, etc etc I have not been able to post as often as usual), you will know that recently we went to the Exclusive books Kids National Geographic day in Cape Town.This was so much fun, my daughter and her friend really enjoyed hearing the stories and learning to draw a lion! A big Thank you to Exclusive Books for making that possible.

What I was not aware of at the time of going was that it was also Cansa Shavathon day! Shaving or spraying in solidarity with a cancer survivor” was the theme of this year’s CANSA Shavathon because hair loss is a common side-effect of cancer treatment ( said Sue Janse van Rensburg, National Executive Director of CANSA, who is a cancer survivor). Now unfortunately Im not very brave when it comes to my hair, I have had my hair cut extremely short at one time, it was disastrous and the girls were not keen for it either, however there were many showing their support by shaving it all off! We went for the alternative and sprayed! What fun just to add a bit of colour, show our support and really get into the swing of things! The girls loved it purple stars and pretty pink streaks and  I got an idea of what I am going to look like once the grey hits,well if I also turned into a rocking granny one day who had purple streaks in my hair,still, I took the time to explain what it was all about. Sharing that moment to show our support put a big smile on all of our faces!

You can also show your support by visiting www.cansa.org.za or click here to go straight to the donate page.