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Wow, its amazing how time seems to pass so quickly these days.. Why just yesterday I remember feeling this way about 2007 and now its already 2009!

Ive done my tally of new year resolutions as most have, knowing full well that most are somewhat out of reach, but that’s what drives us all at the end of the day, the possibility that dreams will and can come true if we believe they can! For what is life without dreams ?

I have a dream for this year, some personal and many professional. The personal ones take nothing but will power to achieve, which I tend to have a lot of. The real challenge lies with my Passion, Sitters4U and making it as successful as possible.

So as always the goals are very similar to those of previous years gone by. Expand,  grow and give. I think that’s simple enough to achieve but the finer details include so much more. We are looking to expand our services to Durban in the near future and from the inquiries we receive from Durban, I am looking forward to assisting new clients and candidates alike! Then, FrailCare4U a division of Sitters4U will be launching its own new website, http://www.frailcare4u.co.za  in April 2009, something I have been looking forward to for a while. We are also planning on adding a few very unique features to this side of our services which I know our clients are going to love. Another very exciting project to be launched at an undetermined time as yet, and this is a biggy folks; PremiumAupairs.com, its an international site for au pairs who want to be placed locally in their home town and parents who want local mature capable candidates. I have been working on this project for almost an entire year already and am no where near completed yet, but this is a project I am so looking forward to! The anticipation is almost killing me. So there is my “expand and grow” goals taken care of, but what about giving back, at the end of the day, ‘giving’ is the real reward isn’t it.

To start off with, as always I will be bringing you new articles, from advice on how to potty train your child, ( I took 2 weeks to train my daughter) to how to develop a routine in collaboration with your au pair. Other than that, and this has long been a pet dream of mine, yet to come to fruition, is to really give back to the community which needs our services and really just cant afford it. I am seeking non profit and other similar organizations who need volunteers to help them for a few days here and there. Currently we have over 300 staff, they are all well experienced and qualified and due to one of our motto’s and infact one thing we like to pick up on in our candidates, is the inate need to help others who help themselves to help others, I am sure our candidates would love to assist as well. So if you know of anybody who needs our assistance. Let us know!

So thats it for now and wow, after actually seeing my plate in black and white for this year, I see nothing but fun, challenges and growth for 2009  and wish all our clients and staff the same, not too mention a prosporus and exciting New Year!