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All to often I find time slipping past me at the rate of a year per second or is it a second per year?

Mom- The most rewarding job in the World!We all feel tired from time to time and yesterday was one of those days, my daughter arrived home and she was so excited, its the second time she will be in a play in her life and she brought her costume home and jumped straight into it, she gets home at 3 every day and at that time I am generally swamped with queries and questions from clients, I always make time for her after 5 but this was the cutest thing you have ever seen! Dressed as a Rhinoceros, she started dancing and playing and I soon forgot all about work, dancing and playing with her. What a beautiful indescribable feeling. I felt revitalized in a way I haven’t in a long time. They grow so fast, our little cherubs, and if we don’t take time out, forget our inhibitions and play with our children ,read to them, grow with them, then what is all the hard work for anyway?

Yesterday reminded me of my secret to a feeling of eternal happiness. My Daughter! and I am sure most moms will agree, your children are your most precious asset, we do as much as we can for them to give them the best start in life, we nuture them, care for them, love them with every little piece of ourselves, nothing and no one could replace them, they, more so than anything including money, need your time to be the best they can be, so read them a story when its time for bed, tell them you love them everyday and always make sure you have at least 30 mins of uninterrupted fun with them each day! The payout is worth more than anything in the world!