Is Breast Feeding Easy?

reastfeeding is the most natural experience, but many first time moms worry their baby won’t know what to do and that they will have no way to direct them. Not to worry mommy, a healthy newborn naturally has active sucking and rooting responses. For the infant this means they can start feeding immediately after birth. Continue reading Is Breast Feeding Easy?

Sun Damage Protection for Children

Remember how much you marveled at your baby’s smooth skin? Don’t let the sun destroy that beautiful canvas.

Ultraviolet sunlight damages the skin and can lead to wrinkles and cancers later on. There is no such thing as a healthy tan; a tan is a sign of sun damage. Continue reading Sun Damage Protection for Children

What You Will Need If You Are Going To Breast Feed

It’s an exciting time in life preparing for the birth of a little life to come into your life.  If you have made the decision to breastfeed your new infant once they are born there are a few things you can do to prepare for their arrival. Staying healthy is the best you can do to prepare your body for breastfeeding. You can also learn … Continue reading What You Will Need If You Are Going To Breast Feed

Important Service Announcement

With Immediate effect as of 21 January 2021, Sitters4U will be BETA testing completely new pricing, service structuring, and application processes. offer clients compartmentalised recruitment services. Through LocalCARE families may purchase sourcing services, vetting services and contracts tailored for their needs and as their budget allows for long term, short term or long term adhoc or on-demand (babysitting or other roles) jobs, allowing clients to directly employ staff. Continue reading Important Service Announcement

Get Your Glow On

Believing that beauty maintenance should be fun and not feel like a chore Polish boss babe sister duo, Ella and Kasha, started Tan Boutique in 2018, and it will change your life. Tan Boutique offers Vitae Liberate Organic Spray Tan; Collagen and UV beds and clothing boutique. Continue reading Get Your Glow On

Mothers Month: Mom’s Deserve to be Celebrated Every day!

Through Sitters4U I have helped thousands of women find work supporting their families and mommies support theirs through this service, since 2007. Our team consists of a 99% female base and our clients are unsurprisingly around 85 – 95% female and mommies. I always take pride in that fact, knowing that I help women, help other women to support their families care needs in turn fulfilling the needs of carers and educators families. It was this same concept that made me launch Mom’s Link Directory, so that I can give the help I never received, to others.
After the initial conceptualization, I spent the last 3 month’s curating and bringing together an amazing group of 13 fempreneurs and mompreneurs running their own brands or small businesses to participate in this amazing promotion, bring a little love to mom’s lives, while supporting female entrepreneurs to thrive at what they do best. It’s opened up so many great new connections and is great way to support families to support families.

A Give-Away-A-Day for 31 days starting on 9 May 2021 until 12 June 2021! Get to know these amazing inspiring women by clicking through the stories we have created for each Continue reading Mothers Month: Mom’s Deserve to be Celebrated Every day!

A Crown Fit For A Natural Queen

nspired by her experience and education, in 2018, Megan launched her social enterprise focused on wellness; Motivate Vibe Grow (MVG) whose mission it is; “To improve the confidence, well-being, and productivity of the planet by tackling important issues for minority groups and emerging markets” and and it subsidiary brand, the “CrownWorkshop”, a product of MVG curates educational experiences around wellness, mental health personal development, grooming via technology for individuals and corporations. Continue reading A Crown Fit For A Natural Queen